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💗 By booking with Art Lust Photography, you are accepting that all deposits are non-refundable. You are given ample opportunity to browse our Artists Flickr/Portfolios before you commit to the booking them.  Please ensure you are satisfied with the quality of your artists work before hiring them.

💗 We require a 50% deposit to be paid to complete your booking. A shoot time will not be confirmed by the artist until the Invoice has been completed AND the deposit has been received. The only exception is if one of our artists is available and has agreed to take you as a walk-in. 
Your deposit covers your artists time and editing. And it is non refundable.

💗 If something unforeseen comes up and you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, your artist will reschedule you for another time that you have selected when you booked. 
If you do not attend your 2nd scheduled appointment without contacting your artist,  your booking will be canceled and no refund will be given.  
In the event of this happening, if you still wish to go ahead with your order, you will be required to visit the studio to book and pay the deposit again.
In the event where your booking is cancelled and no shoot has taken place due to the fault of your artist, refunds may be given at the discretion of the Art Lust management team.

💗 As soon as your images have been uploaded, your artist will place them into a special display and it will be set for sale for whatever your due balance is.  
You will receive communication from your artist letting you know your image/s are ready. And inviting you to view/purchase your new image/s in the Client Pickup room.

💗 If you are unhappy with your images for any reason, DO NOT purchase them from the display.  As once you have done that, and you have received the images in your inventory, your Artist can not edit them further for free.

If you see something you do not like, PLEASE contact your Artist immediately and let them know what you wish to be fixed/changed on your images. Please be specific when discussing any re-editing to be done so your artist knows how to fix them for you.

💗 When you receive your folder from the display you will find a copy of your image that was used as the "sample" which you saw on the display that you purchased from. 
Please wear the accompanying HUD and click it to receive your un watermarked image/s.