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lili starship - lili.jpg


This is just a small selection of Lili's art. Click the Flickr link for more.

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Please note I have a vast library of single poses for you to choose from but all couples pictures will require you to BYO pose.


2 singles: L$7,600 - unavailable

3 singles: L$10,800 - unavailable

5 singles: L$16,000 - unavailable



2 couples: L$9,500

3 couples: L$13,500

5 couples: L$17,000

★Premium Couples Package★

2xSingles + 1xCouple: L$12,000

Optional Extras

Additional photo versions: L$300 each

​B&W, Different crop/size ect
Simple text is free.

Anything beyond that will be considered a logo.

Rush fee: L$1,000 per photo

Delivery time may vary depending on the quanitity of images requested

Props: L$500 per prop

Any large physical item that your artist will need to edit

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