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Product Photography
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In need of high quality images of your products for vendors or marketplace listings? We do that too! We offer different types of product photography, to fit a variety of needs. 

Basic Product Photography: 175L per image/product 

This is a very basic high resolution shoot of your product(s) on a solid color bg. These shots are ideal for creators that wish to edit their own images but just need a good quality shot to start with. You can pick whatever background color you wish. 


Basic Product Photography + Alpha (Background Removal): 300L per image/product

This is the same as the basic product photography image, but we will happily remove the background for you and send you the photo with and without background. 

Edited Product Photography: 500L per image/product

This is a fully edited vendor ad, with your product as well as any information that needs to be included on the advertisement. 


Edited Product Photography + Model: 1500L per image/product
This covers any ad that has an avatar in it that will require editing. This includes painted hair if desired. (You must supply own model)

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