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This pricing structure will retire on July 31st.

From August 1st pricing will be found on the individual artists galleries as each artist will have different pricing schedules.


1 Single – 4,000 
2 Single –7,600
3 Single – 10,800
5 Single –16,000



1 couple – 5,000
2 couples –9,500
3 couples –13,500
5 couples –17,000

+ $L1000 per additional person (including prim babies)


Premium  Couples Package -- 12,000
1 Couple + 2 Singles

╔═.💗. ════════════╗
      Optional Extras
╚══════.💗. ═══════╝

Props such as vehicles, animals and wings ect.  (Any large physical item that your artist will need to edit), will incur the following fees:
$L500 per prop

Additional photo versions - L$300
(Converted to B&W, Different crop ect.)
Simple text is free. Anything beyond that will be considered a logo.

Rush Orders
For those that choose not to join our Elite group it is still possible to elect to have your images prioritized by your artist.
This means that your images will be moved to the top of the list.

A fee of $L1000 Per Image will be added to your pickup balance.

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